Immigration and Culture

Immigration and Culture - o BUT opportunity depends on the...

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Immigration and Culture Background of Migration Pre-Westphalia: lost of migration Post-Westphalia: sovereignty led states to seek to tie populations to a territory o Taxation o Identity o Security 20 th century: border control, passports, visas Big waves in immigration/migration o Industrial revolution Turn of the century o Post WWI (New boundaries) o Post WWII (intensely political) Decolonization o End of the cold war Causes of Migration Supply push o Escape from violence, war, dislocation o Escape from religious persecution o Escape from repression o Escape from poverty Supply pull o Trying to get labor o Guest workers programs During labor shortages o Bracero program (1942-1964) US offered jobs on farms for Mexican workers o Family reunification Pros and cons Pros for receiving state o Labor o Younger demographic Support aging population o Diversity Cultural contributions Pros for migrants o Provides opportunity
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Unformatted text preview: o BUT opportunity depends on the rights for immigrant labor Political Dilemmas • The liberal paradox o States need labor for economic growth o Need to stay open o States need some closure o To protect social bargain and institutions of sovereignty and citizenship o Migrants are welcome in high growth, low unemployment Not welcome during recession o Want to be open economically, but need to close politically when need to provide for citizens • Netherlands o Muslim kills a political candidate and film maker o Riots and hatred for Muslims • Institutions o Not very strong o 1951 Geneva Convention Relating to Statues of Refugees cannot send a person back to their country if it is dangerous there o 1948 Convention on the prevention and punishment of crime and genocide o rights based regimes human rights approach to migration and immigration Culture • Preserve or assimilate?...
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Immigration and Culture - o BUT opportunity depends on the...

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