Prisoners Dilemma

Prisoners Dilemma - bargain instead of war o So then why is...

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Prisoners Dilemma Arms race There is always an incentive to arm o End up with the 3 rd best outcome Always an incentive to defect o We wanna figure out how to get from the 3 rd best option to the 2 nd best option How to make the situation better o 3 rd party enforcement with unbiased rules and regulations o linkages economic trade o Transparency Bargaining Because war is so costly it is always rational to want to
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Unformatted text preview: bargain instead of war o So then why is there war? What prevents states from Bargaining? • Information o Expected outcomes o Knowledge of enemies capabilities o Resolve • Commitment o Preventive War o Pre-emptive war War is about to happen, must strike first • Strategic Territory...
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