Chapter 5 Notes - Record all ideas Common Problem Solving...

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Chapter 5- Creativity Different way to look at creativity Creativity as problem solving; find a solution Creativity is the future Creative thinkers are the future; outsourcing, no need to all be connected, but can’t outsource the design/problem solver/creative people Right Brain is the creative side Problem solvers Creativity People: “special”, age puts limits on creativity Product: 3 criteria o Originality o Relevance o Elaboration/synthesis (is it well crafted) Process: 3 Parts o Fact finding o Ideal finding/brainstorming o Solution finding/evaluation Brainstorming Ground Rules Ideation and evaluation are separate NO criticisms of ideas Produce as many ideas as possible Freewheeling or wild ideas are good
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Unformatted text preview: Record all ideas Common Problem Solving Errors Cling to the old ways Settle on the first adequate solution Discount others Dont separate idea forming from evaluation Negativity-that wont work instead of how it will succeed More Errors In a hurry (find your place to think) Only manager have good ideas (no right or wrong way) Trying to win (doesnt always help) Perfectionist (sometimes holds you back) Mental Blocks to Creativity The right answers Not logical Follow the rules Be practical Play is frivolous Not my area Avoid ambiguity Dont be foolish To err is wrong Im not creative...
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Chapter 5 Notes - Record all ideas Common Problem Solving...

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