Key Objectives for Clear Communication

Key Objectives for Clear Communication - • Message...

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Key Objectives for Clear Communication 1. Know the four goals for communication. Inform Persuade Motivate Achieve mutual understanding 2. Know the SMCR communication model. Understand the impact of semantic  noise and what happens if a company/organization tries to get too many messages  through the channel. Source-Message-Channel-Receiver Noise keeps the message from being received or understanding the  intended message Too many messages will not get through because we can only receive  and remember so much 3. Understand the five goals for PR messages and what a successful PR message  must do. Exposure Accurate dissemination Acceptance Change in attitude Change in behavior 4. Be able to discuss and give examples of common message impediments,  including filtering, selectivity, and message problems. Filtering: information, physical, psychological
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Selectivity: exposure, attention, perception, retention and recall
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Unformatted text preview: • Message problems: jargon, cliché, hype(overstatements), euphemism(using inoffensive words to make it sound better), double-speak(deliberately covering up the actual meaning), bureaucratic/inflated language, discriminatory language 5. Be able to discuss the two keys to good messages and the three things that must occur with the receiver before the message is accepted. • A good message must get attention and be understandable • To be accepted a message must be believed, remembered, and acted upon 6. Know the five stages of the adoption process. • Awareness • Interest • Evaluation • Trial • Adoption 7. Know the five keys to clear communication. • Audience: know who they are • Appropriate Language • Clear • Memorable • Motivational...
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Key Objectives for Clear Communication - • Message...

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