Key Objectives for Audience and Message

Key Objectives for Audience and Message - back 4 Be able to...

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Key Objectives for Audience and Message 1. Know the three things you must know for a good PR program. Audience Message Media 2. Know what demographics are psychographics are and the difference between the two. Demographics: average or typical characteristics of who is buying your product i. Age, gender, race, location, family size, education Psychographics: life style behaviors of people i. Activities, interests, opinions, attitudes, values, beliefs 3. Understand why and when your customers choose you. Why i. Price NOT always the most important ii. What do you offer that others don’t? iii. What are the three most important considerations when purchasing a  widget? iv. How do you compare with your competitors? When i. Frequency, special occasions, repeat business(what makes them come 
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Unformatted text preview: back) 4. Be able to discuss the importance of telling a story and how to develop key messages. • Defined or be defined; big picture, not details; compelling; simplistic • Key messages must be just 2-3 messages, concise, and consistent 5. Understand what you need to know to when looking at your audience's media consumption. • TV: what do they watch, how often? • Newspapers: local, specialized, print or online? • Magazines: what do they read? • Online: what sites do they visit? • Radio: what channel? When? 6. Discuss the importance of knowing key media and what you need to know about them. • Frequency/deadline • Types of stories • Who’s who: finding the right reporter...
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Key Objectives for Audience and Message - back 4 Be able to...

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