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EVPP 111 Lecture - Learning Guide 1

EVPP 111 Lecture - Learning Guide 1 - EVPP 111 Lecture...

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EVPP 111 Lecture Learning & Study Guide #1 Spring 2011 Human Populations: History, Importance, Trends Were concerns about human population growth/size expressed prior to the 21 st century? Yes, Thomas Malthus (1766-1834), an economist and philosopher addressed issue of human population growth  in his "Essay on the Principle of Population"  published in 1798 Does everyone agree that there is a human population problem? Why do some people think that there is no human population problem? No, some believe technology and ingenuity will expand carrying capacity of the Earth indefinitely. Proponents of this  theory include Julian Simon (1932-1998), a UMD economist.  Does human population growth contribute to environmental problems? Human population contributes to nearly every environmental problem What are some examples of environmental problems/issues exacerbated by human population growth?
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