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MGT 210 Week 3 Checkpoint Incident 6-2 What Should I Do Next

MGT 210 Week 3 Checkpoint Incident 6-2 What Should I Do...

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CheckPoint: Incident 6-2: What Should I Do Next? I would calm Kim down and explain to her that I had forgotten that she had never been through the planning process before. I would explain that the departmental plan is an informal written explanation on how to accomplish the objectives agreed upon during the previous month. I would further explain that although departmental plan does not need to be in a specific format, it does need to contain specifics on how she plans to meet the objectives. For example: If computers or student desks normally have a high rate of sales during the beginning of the school year, she may want to check with the warehouse in late May or early June to see if enough quantity is on had so they will not have to place customer orders on backorder. I would suggest that Kim look back at her notes to see what was agreed upon and research the previous manager’s submission for examples and marked errors. I would then suggest using the numbers from last year to make a budget for this years projected sales based on a 10% increase. Once Kim has submitted the departmental plans and has received feedback, I would suggest she take notes for the next time in order to correct any mistakes. think Kim’s initial reaction to the planning process is usual for new managers. Most new managers are overwhelmed by new assignments and can see a simple process as being more complicated than it actually is.
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Check Point: Incident 6-2 Objective of Exercise: Carpenters are often told to “measure twice, and cut once.” Spending adequate time on strategy and planning is like measuring, and implementing the plan is like cutting. Extra time and effort during the planning stage are crucial if you want to avoid common problems later on.
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