Beh225 Brain Response of Behavior

Beh225 Brain Response of Behavior - Brain Response of...

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Brain Response of Behavior “To control thought and movement and process sensory input, the brain sends and receives electrical impulses via the vast network of neurons in the human nervous system” (Marc, 2008, para. 1). Any movements we make, all emotions, thoughts, any sensation come through communication between neurons. Sensory neurons are what carry the signals from the outside of your body into the central nervous system. The motor neurons are used to carry the signal from you central nervous system to the outside of your body. A neuron is a cell specialized to generate electrical and chemical impulses and to carry information from one section of the brain another section. Different levels of neurotransmitters are what cause different emotions and behavior. If a person is experiencing fear or anger epinephrine is released this causes panic attacks, anxiety, performance phobia and social phobia. Dopamine is increased in the brain by narcotics and alcohol if there is a decreased level it can cause depression or even schizophrenia. Anxiety is something that affects a lot of people today and this is caused by a decreased level of GABA. The cell body is what has the neurons nucleus. Dendrites branches out and looks like a tree it receives an alert and broadcast them toward the cell body. The axon carries alerts away from the cell body. The synapse is known as the gap between the receiving cell and axon terminals. There are around 100 billion neurons in the brain, but once damaged cannot regrow the only exception to this is the neurons from the hippocampus. Hippocampus is an area within the temporal lobe the controls memory it takes your emotions and experiences from the past and present and compares them. There are certain diseases that will affect the neurotransmitters systems such as
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Beh225 Brain Response of Behavior - Brain Response of...

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