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Axia College Material Appendix D TV Character Evaluation Part I Write a summary of 350-700 words identifying the contributions of Freud, Jung, and Rogers. Sigmund Freud Sigmund Freud prepared an intelligent dissimilarity from his colleagues by rotating away from realization as a foundation for stimulus and centering on the unconscious as a foundation for ones “thoughts, feelings, and manner.” Freud additionally created the word psychoanalysis which explains equally his theory and his method. Freud also described the defense mechanisms utilized by individuals to survive during the personality development. Carl Jung Carl Jung as admirer of Freud typically decided with his view, but stretched the position of unconscious. Jung described that libido stands for all life influences, not just sexual ones. Jung’s inputs consist of bearing in mind the unconscious ego’s basis of force and strength considering that the unconscious consists of personal unconscious and shared unconscious. Personal unconscious consist of repressed thoughts, elapsed experiences and not fully formed ideas, which may go into realization if something triggers you to BEH 225
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recall it. The shared unconscious includes recollections and behavior examples that are
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beh225_appendix_d - Axia College Material Appendix D TV...

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