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Financial Statement Analysis - Running head FINANCIAL...

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Running head: FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS 1 Financial Statement Analysis Cassandra Moore HCA 270 October 29, 2010 Axia University of Phoenix
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FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS 2 Financial Statement Analysis Financial statements are the back bone of any business. For a business venture, every part of the related financial information, accessible in a prearranged way and in an arrangement that is easy to comprehend, are called the financial statements. A financial statement is a record of the financial behavior of an individual or business. These statements are used to explain how feasible the business has been and how lucrative it can be in the future. When financial statements are not explained correctly it can make the individual trying to understand it to create a few errors while putting together the firm’s financial assessments. An outline of the business financial situation is supplied with the financial statements. There are four fundamental types of financial statements. A cash flow statement shows the company’s cash flow activities. The balance sheet is the statement that reports a company’s net equity, assets, and liabilities for a specific time. A retained earnings statement is what describes the modifications with a company’s saved earnings in excess of within a particular time . The figures used are taken from the companies investing, financial activities, and operating activities. Simply putting it with these
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Financial Statement Analysis - Running head FINANCIAL...

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