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HCA230 CheckPoint HIPAA Evaluation

HCA230 CheckPoint HIPAA Evaluation - major pro is that...

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HCA230 CheckPoint HIPAA Evaluation In 1996, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was passed and has had a big impact on healthcare field in the United States. Included in HIPAA, doctors, health plans, and other health care providers have to provide a notice to their patients how their personal medical information may be use and their rights, and the patients has to sign that they acknowledge this before they can proceed. The issue with this is that most patients don’t even fully read the acknowledgment and don’t fully understand it. HIPAA allows protections for coverage under group health plans that limit exclusions for preexisting conditions; prohibit discrimination against employees and dependents based on their health status. HIPAA also helps people to continue to be covered by health insurance after you are no longer employed. The
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Unformatted text preview: major pro is that HIPAA sets boundaries and gives every individual more control over their information and medical history. There is a negative side to HIPAA It has affected business financially it has increased the cost and caused more paperwork. There is an increase in cost because they have to monitor, implement and develop compliance associated with HIPPA. The EMR access is not always private because physicians may access the information from anywhere even mobile devices. I do believe that HIPAA is a good thing the changes I see that would benefit everyone is helping individuals understand HIPAA so that they truly know their rights. People rarely read that whole paper so there should more things geared towards educating consumers....
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