HCA230 Cultural Views on Health

HCA230 Cultural Views on Health - Cultural Views on Health...

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Cultural Views on Health With the different cultures in our society it causes people to have a different perception about health and medicine. Spiritual healing is a strong believes in society, while others may believe in holistic medicine. Majorities believe and trust in science and in the western medicine. A person’s beliefs and cultural traditions are what determined kind of medicinal treatment to use. Superstition belief or tradition may not give a person the necessary medical help they may need. It has been said that in ancient Greece people would travel to get to the sanctuary for Asklepios known as the healing god at Epidaurus. In Greece they believe more in spiritual healing than in traditional; ridiculing at any consideration of western medicine. It is stated that they think that the illness will get worse if handled in the formal medical system; preferring to have the healers use herbal (holistic) prayer, remedies, or spells as treatment (Sutton, 2007). Holistic or herbal remedies are used all through the world by diverse cultures to take care of a lot of different symptoms. Cultures have their own particular medicinal treatment for each illness. Chinese and the Indochinese have parallel practices and beliefs. Maj Duong Nguyen (1985), from the Western Journal of Medicine states: “A human being is self-possessed of two energetically opposing forces: the masculine
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HCA230 Cultural Views on Health - Cultural Views on Health...

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