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ROI, RI, Responsibility centers 2

ROI, RI, Responsibility centers 2 - SI cfw collaborative...

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This material is produced by the SI Program at Arizona State University student success .asu.edu { collaborative peer-led structured group study SI Identify which type of responsibility center each underlined item is (cost, revenue, profit, or investment center)---- 1128b A) The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company is one of hte oldest tire companies in the world. Its geographic regions include North America, Europe, Africa, South America , Asia, and Australia. B) The Dairy Group Account team of the Dean Foods Company is responsible for sales and servicing for the SUPERVALU, Target, and Costco accounts. C) The Fairmont Chicago, The fairmont Royal York in Toronto, and the Fairmont Orchid in Hawaii are all hotels owned by their parent corporation, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts . D) The J.M. Smucker Company Store and Cafe is located in Wooster, Ohio. The store sells a variety of company products, while the cafe offers items made with ingredients from the Smucker’s brands.
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