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Day 1 agenda_1

Day 1 agenda_1 - COM 259 COM(ver 3.0 beta(ver beta Carl A...

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Unformatted text preview: COM 259 COM (ver. 3.0 beta) (ver. beta Carl A. Schuh, JD Day 1 Agenda General Announcements Schuh’s Definition of Communication Communication Human interactions, verbal and non­ verbal, through which we • • • organize our actions, relate with one another, form knowledge and beliefs about the world Course Topics Course Teams and groups, meetings, leadership, delegation Risk management, Crisis planning and communication Decision making strategies Individual and group speaking Preparing and presenting reports and proposals Course Topics Course Nonverbal communication in the organizational environment Gender and Diversity Business law Policies and procedures Negotiation Harassment and discrimination Black Board Black contains materials used in this class materials are laid out by week and topic Course Q&A Forum: Subscribe immediately after the first class of the semester read announcements and check your email Buddy System Black Board download and print a copy of the assignment pack, read it and ask questions next class Print the powerpoints to take notes Syllabus and Assignments Bolded items on reading assignments are from Goodall, et al., 3rd edition Supplemental readings are on BB – some are required, others optional but useful Mindtools: Essential Skills for a Successful Career How groups are assigned Assignments Assignments Staple the entire assignment, quiz or other hand­ ins together in one package. Materials with paper clips or in binders or folders will not be accepted You must print assigned items from BB (readings, quizzes, in class activities, discussion questions) prior to class, I rarely use handouts Ego operor non sino Ego fossor laetus DO staple all papers in a single package DO read the syllabus, schedule and assignment descriptions before asking questions Electronic Devices and Texting Electronic DON’T Emergency Procedures Run like hell from a fire or a shooter Assemble outside or keep running as appropriate. Stairwell landings are “refuges” Tell first responders if you know of trapped persons Introduce Yourselves Introduce your name where from class major career what prior Com courses have you taken? what do you want to learn from this class? ...
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