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Heresmyplan thenextthingtoconsideristhecostofthe plan

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Unformatted text preview: hem to think or do Content Content Know your topic Do quality research Use relevant and credible sources Relate to your points Plan Transitions Plan Follow sequence of your preview Moving point to point • “Now you know why I want to start my own business. Here’s my plan.” • “The next thing to consider is the cost of the plan.” • “So if leadership skills can be learned, how do we go about that?” • “My next point may surprise you.” Other Transition Techniques Other Keep your audience with you using • Internal summaries • Repetition • Restatement • Logical progressions Making Main Points Memorable Making Limit the number to 3 to 5 Keep them concise State them in a “parallel” style Use familiar analogies, a rhyme or an acronym • Sim...
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