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final_walk_through - • Light level is sufficient for safe...

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Final Walk-through Inspection List Credential systems are in working order Admissions personnel are in place Air walls are in working order in case of evacuation Bar personnel have received alcohol management training Doors are unlocked from inside venue in case of evacuation Edge of stage is marked with safety tape Electric boxes are labeled with caution signs Electric cables are grounded Electric cables traversing public areas are taped or ramped Elevators are working
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Unformatted text preview: • Light level is sufficient for safe ingress and egress • Lighting has been properly secured with safety chains • Metal detectors are in place and operational for VIP appearances • Ramps are in place for the disabled • Security personnel are posted • Signs are visible and well secure • Staging has chairs and handrails • Stairs have handrails and individual steps are marked with safety tape to highlight edges • Ushering personnel are in place...
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