2-FindOpen FINAL

2-FindOpen FINAL - FIND/OPEN PHASE Highlights: 1. Preparing...

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Unformatted text preview: FIND/OPEN PHASE Highlights: 1. Preparing yourself 2. Dealing with the fear of rejection 3. Warming up 4. Finding Targets 5. Opening 6. Opening Groupsets 7. Bitch Shield Destroyers 8. Boyfriend Destroyers 9. Objection Destroyers 10. Specific Circumstances Openers 11. Wingman Strategies 12. Phase-Shifting to ATTRACT Pick-up is the art of conveying who you are in the shortest time possible." and Pickup is VERBAL FOREPLAY --Tyler Durden, Cliffs List You hear guys complaining all the time that its hard to meet women. But are they even TRYING? Usually when guys say Its so hard to meet women what they mean is that its hard to have a woman just fall in their lap, the way people meet in the movies. They expect the girl of their dreams to be hired at the office and partnered up with them on their next sales project. They expect to hang out with the same circle of friends theyve had for years and suddenly one of their friends will have this great new available female friend to introduce them to. The truth is that your dream girl is out there, waiting to meet a guy like you. BUT TO MEET HER, YOURE GOING TO HAVE TO LEAVE THE HOUSE! You have to take the initiative and get out there, and MAKE MOVES. The odds of your dream girl being a door-to-door saleswoman who knocks on your door to sell you the latest vacuum cleaner are slim to none. Youll have to stick your neck out, risk rejection, and build new bonds with people. You are going to have to be SOCIAL. To even have a chance at finding her, youre going to have to FIND a woman, and youre going to have to OPEN an interaction with her. 1. Preparing yourself Before you go out to find and open women, you need to prepare yourself for it. There are three components to this preparation: Mental, physical, and style. MENTALAPPROACH PHILOSOPHY Aside from having the proper attitude for dealing with women, you need to have specific attitudes ingrained for approaching total strangers. When approaching, just walk up to the woman and say FUCK IT. Keep yourself in the frame that youre just goofing around and you dont need to do well, just as long as you do it and have fun with it. Even if you dont get the girl, you got to practice your skill-set and learned how to do it better next time. There is NO downside!...
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2-FindOpen FINAL - FIND/OPEN PHASE Highlights: 1. Preparing...

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