6-Amplify FINAL

6-Amplify FINAL - AMPLIFY 1. Breaking rapport 2. Increasing...

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Unformatted text preview: AMPLIFY 1. Breaking rapport 2. Increasing rapport 3. Initiating Playful Kino 4. Looping Back to Earlier Successful Themes and Techniques 5. Using NLP Patterns to Amplify Emotions 6. Phase-Shifting to Close This phase involves taking the good feelings youve instilled in her during the Attract, Qualify, and Rapport phases and AMPLIFYING them to higher levels. Its crucial to have her good feelings at a peak before moving into the tricky Close phase. There are several strategies to amplify, and it depends on the situation and on how youve calibrated the womans current state. 1. Breaking and Re-Establishing Rapport After establishing rapport, and building it a bit, BREAK rapport by using an attraction- building technique (C&F, push/pull, takeaways, an open loop, etc). Then re-establish it by using a rapport-building technique. This is a great formula for attraction because it's like an emotional roller coaster for the girl. Think of a roller coaster: It starts off with a thrilling loop (C&F), then a straightaway (rapport conversation), then another thrilling sharp turn a bit later, etc. If it was all loops or turns you'd get annoyed (not to mention sick), and if it was all straight track you'd get bored. In the case of a male-female interaction, breaking and re-establishing rapport builds tension. A personal example to illustrate: After some attracting and qualifying I asked a woman what she did for a living (rapport-seeking), and she told me she was in marketing for a pharmaceutical company. I acted freaked out and joked, C&F "You're a DRUG DEALER??" She went red and said "Noooo! I market cardiac drugs!", and I came back with "You sell drugs to heart patients?? That's even worse!!" (extending the C&F theme) I then went serious and said "No really, that's interesting. What's involved in that?" a sincere question to build rapport again. This is an example of a break/re- establish rapport cycle. Stacking several of these cycles together can be very effective. Another way to break rapport is to sarcastically force rapport. Whats your favorite color? She says Red. Red? I like BLUE!!! Oh my God, we both have a favorite color!! One more way to break rapport is to tease her about things she mentioned to you during rapport buildinglike an evil form of captioning. If she revealed to you she works in a day care facility and told you how much she hates changing diapers there, you can start teasing her by calling her Miss Poopy Pants. Later, you can re-establish rapport with an empathy statement, saying how the one time you changed a babys...
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6-Amplify FINAL - AMPLIFY 1. Breaking rapport 2. Increasing...

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