HUM 121 Syllabus Fall 2009 (Final)

HUM 121 Syllabus Fall 2009 (Final) - HUM 121.01 Death and...

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Death and Afterlife in Literature Fall 2009 TTh 9:50 – 11:10 AM Hum 3017 Instructor: John Larsen Contact: Office Hours: T Th 11:30 – 12:30pm Course Description Through discussion of representative contemporary and classical texts, this course addresses the topic of how human beings have chosen to live with the one certainty of their existence, its eventual conclusion in death, and how various images of afterlife or denial of its possibility have shaped those choices. Fulfills DEC B requirement Grading Attendance is important for this (and any) class. You are responsible for any class periods that you miss. Group work – presentation 10% Participation (TEN-journal) 15% Reading Quizzes 15% Response Papers (5) 30% 1 Final Paper (4 pages) 20% 1 Final Exam (2 Essays) 10% Group Work – Presentation 10 min Presentation in groups of 3 on a chapter from Death and Afterlife: Perspectives of World Religions (0275941043) (13 Chapters). Sign-up sheet will be passed around. TEN-Journal I will hand out blue books. You are required to write discussion ideas or interesting thoughts that come to your head during your readings – TEN per major work, fifty total. This will help you remember the impressions you had during your readings, and most importantly help you participate during class discussion. I will randomly select students in the class and ask them what they wrote for any given work in order to encourage class discussion. Reading Quizzes Reading quizzes will be given periodically. They will be easy enough if you have done the reading for the day that you should pass it. Response Papers Response papers are 250 words (one page) posted to Blackboard by the date on the syllabus. The response paper is partially a summary of what you read, with your own personal point of view inserted throughout. Due by midnight of the date indicated. 1
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HUM 121 Syllabus Fall 2009 (Final) - HUM 121.01 Death and...

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