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STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK AT STONY BROOK Department of Sociology SOC/WST 204-01, Intimate Relationships Instructor: Norman Goodman Fall 2009 Office: SBS N-455, 632-7750 T/TH 12:50-2:10pm Office Hours: Mon. 10:30-noon, Javits Lecture Hall 110 Wed. 10:30-12:00; 3:00-4:30 (or by appointment) [email protected] Teaching Assistant : Bilge Sanli SBS, N-430, 632-7700 Office Hours: Thursday 9:45-12:45 [email protected] Teaching Assistant: Idil Akin SBS, N-430, 632-7700 Office Hours: Tuesday 3:00-6:00 [email protected] COURSE OUTLINE Course Objectives The basic objectives of this course include the student’s understanding of: 1. The nature of intimate relationships. 2. Marriage and family as key forms of intimate relationships across time and space. 3. The common and variable elements in contemporary dating and marital behavior in the United States. 4. The nature and viability of proposed alternative forms of intimate relationships between men and women. Required Books Robert H. Lauer and Jeanette C. Lauer. Marriage and Family: The Quest for Intimacy, (7 th edition). Boston: McGraw Hill, 2009 (paperback). This book should be purchased since it is not available in the Library; there will be no required library readings.
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Course Requirements 1. EXAMS There will be three non-cumulative examinations, including a final examination during the regular university final examination period. Each examination will consist of both multiple choice and essay questions (which count equally). There will be no term papers. Later exams will count more than earlier ones in your course grade. WARNING: Incomplete on an examination will be allowed only on the presentation of a valid medical excuse within one week of the examination. Otherwise, an absence from an examination will be recorded as an “F.” Students are advised to avoid making travel plans, wedding plans, or any other plans that would take them away from Stony Brook during scheduled examinations for this course. a. Dates 1. First Examination: Tentatively scheduled for October 8, 2009 . (counts 15% of course grade) 2. Second Examination: Tentatively scheduled for November 12, 2009. (counts 30% of course grade) 3. Final Examination: Definitely scheduled for December 17, 2009, 5:15-7:15pm. (counts 50% of course grade) b. Grade calculation (see last page for information to allow you to monitor your grades) 2. Writing Assignment Learning to write clearly is an important part of a university education; good writing both reflects and facilitates clear thinking. In this as in many other instances, practice is likely to enhance performance. Consequently, there will be a brief, required writing assignment due on September 22, 2009 . Specific details will be provided at the beginning of the course. Failure to complete the writing assignment on time will be considered a failure to meet one of the course requirements and will result in a reduction in the student’s course grade. Successful completion of this requirement
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