Soc 243--spring 2011 syllabus(4)

Soc 243--spring 2011 syllabus(4) - 1 STATE UNIVERSITY OF...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK AT STONY BROOK Department of Sociology Sociology of Youth K. A. Feldman Soc. 243 Spring 2011 A Custom Edition of Hans Sebalds textbook, Adolescence , can be purchased at the Campus Bookstore. All other assigned material for the course given in the syllabus can be found in Blackboard in Course Documents . The readings are ordered in Blackboard (Course Documents) by when they are assigned rather than alphabetically by author. As back up only, a copy of each of the assignments is also available on two-hour reserve in the library. The information given in the left-hand column below may be helpful in retrieving this material from the reserve desk. Note: The syllabus gives the approximate number of class sessions that will be spent on each part of the course. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTRODUCTION . Chacun son Got . (3 sessions) HQ 796 .A848, 1975 Philip W. Jackson and Jacob W. Getzels, "Psychological Health and Classroom Functioning: A Study of Dissatisfaction with School Among Adolescents," Journal of Educational Psychology , 1959, 50 , pp. 295-300. Reprinted in Rolf E. Muuss (Ed.), Adolescent Behavior and Society (2 nd ed.), Random House, 1975, pp. 430-437. Library Reprint Edgar A. Friedenberg, "The Modern High School: A Profile," Commentary , November, 1963, pp. 373-380. Library Reprint Pamela J. Bettis, "Urban Students, Liminality, and the Postindustrial Context," Sociology of Education , 1996, 69 (April), pp. 105-125. PART I . Youth, Identity, and Adolescent Development: Some Perspectives on the Matter, and the Matter with Some of the Perspectives . (8 sessions) HQ 796 .S423, 1992 Hans Sebald, Adolescence , Prentice-Hall, 1992. See The Nature-Nurture Controversy in Ch. 6, pp. 111-113. BF 724 .M8, 1974 Rolf E. Muuss, Theories of Adolescence (3rd ed.), Random House, 1975. See G. Stanley Hall's Biogenetic Psychology of Adolescence" in Ch. 2, pp. 33-36; Ch. 3, "The Psychoanalytic Theory of Adolescent Development,"pp. 37-53; and Ch. 4, Erik Erikson's Theory of Identity Development," pp. 54-84. BF 311 .G64 Erik Erikson, "Identity and Identity Diffusion." In C. Gordon and K. G. Gergen (Eds.), The The Self in Social Interaction , Wiley, 1968, pp. 197-205. HN 65 .B43 Bennett M. Berger, Looking for America: Essays on Youth, Suburbia and Other American Obsessions . Prentice-Hall, 1979. See "Identity Myth," pp. 87-98. BF 697 .S85 Anselm Strauss, Mirrors and Masks: The Search for Identity , Free Press, 1959. See Ch. 4, "Transformations of Identity," pp. 89-109 only ("Development as Transformation," "Turning Points," and Regularized Status Passages.) HM 291 .L6 John Lofland, Deviance and Identity , Prentice-Hall, 1969. See Ch. 6 "Social Identification as Pivotally Deviant," pp. 121-131 only....
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Soc 243--spring 2011 syllabus(4) - 1 STATE UNIVERSITY OF...

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