Chapter 16- Employment Relationships

Chapter 16- Employment Relationships - Chapter 16-...

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Chapter 16- Employment Relationships T RUE -F ALSE  Q UESTIONS         1. Drug testing by private employers is permitted.         2. There are no exceptions to the employment “at will” doctrine.         3. Employers are required to establish retirement plans for their employees.         4. Federal wage-hour laws cover all employers engaged in interstate commerce.         5. Whistleblower statutes protect employers from workers’ disclosure of the employer’s wrongdoing.         6. Under federal law, employers can monitor employees’ personal communications.         7. Workers’ compensation laws cover all employees in all states.         8. Except in investigating theft, employers cannot tell employees or job applicants take lie-detector tests.         9. Children fourteen and older can work in hazardous occupations.         10. There is no prohibition against employers’ hiring illegal immigrants. M ULTIPLE -C HOICE  Q UESTIONS           1. Fast Jack is a fast-food restaurant. To verify Fast Jack’s compliance with statutes governing employees’  wages and hours, personnel records should be checked against the provisions of
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Chapter 16- Employment Relationships - Chapter 16-...

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