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PHIL 102 Logic and Reasoning Test 1, 20% of total grade Covers chapters 1 to 5 Materials to prepare: lecture notes + textbook Date 23 Feb. Held in-class, 45 min (12 – 12.45) Bring ID with you, a functional pen. If you miss(ed) the test, contact me asap. You will be allowed to sit the make-up test only if the absence from this one can be documented. Format:
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Unformatted text preview: o Part A: 10 multiple choice questions x 5 marks each = 50 marks Note: only one answer is correct o Part B: 3 short answer questions x 5 marks each = 15 marks o Part C: 1 logical form question x 5 marks = 5 marks o Part D: 1 diagramming question x 15 marks = 15 marks o Part E: 1 reverse diagramming question x 15 marks = 15 marks Total = 100 marks...
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