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Summary of Class 10 Exam 1 Information Summary of Class 10 TEST ONE Thursday Evening February 25 7:30 - 9:30 pm . The Friday class immediately following is canceled because of the evening exam. What We Expect From You On The Exam (1) Ability to calculate the electric field of both discrete and continuous charge distributions. We may give you a problem on setting up the integral for a continuous charge distribution, although we do not necessarily expect you to do the integral, unless it is particularly straight forward. You should be able to set up problems like: calculating the field of a small number of point charges, the field of the perpendicular bisector of a finite line of charge; the field on the axis of a ring of charge; and so on. (2) To be able to recognize and draw the electric field line patterns for a small number of discrete charges, for example, from two point charges (of same or opposite charge) (3) To be able to apply the principle of superposition to electrostatic problems.
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