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1 MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Department of Physics 8.02 Spring 2010 Exam Two Equation Sheet Force Law: () ext ext q =+ × FEv B rr r r Source Equations: 23 1 ˆ 44 oo dq dq d πε == Er r r r ˆ Id Id d μ ππ ×× sr B r r ˆ r r r= r points from source to field point Current Density and Current: open surface I d =⋅ ∫∫ Ja r r Gauss’s Law: inside closedsurface / o dQ ε ⋅= EA r r ± Gauss’s Law for Magnetism: 0 closed surface d BA r r ± Electric Potential Difference: b ba a VVV d Δ= − ≡ − ⋅ Es r r V =−∇ E Potential Energy: UqV Δ=Δ Capacitance: V Q C Δ = 2 2 11 22 Q UC V C = Capacitors in Parallel: 12 eq CC C =++ Capacitors in Series: 1 eq C Ohm’s Law:
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