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Summary of Class 31 Exam 3 Information Class 31 TEST THREE Thursday Evening April 29 from 7:30-9:30 pm. The Friday class immediately following is canceled because of the evening exam. Please see announcements for room assignments for Exam 3. What We Expect From You On The Exam 1. An understanding of how to calculate magnetic fields in highly symmetric situations using Ampere’s Law, e.g. as in the Ampere’s Law Problem Solving Session. 2. An understanding of how to use Faraday’s Law in problems involving the generation of induced EMF's. You should be able to formulate quantitative answers to questions about energy considerations in Faraday’s Law problems, e.g. the power going into ohmic dissipation comes from the decreasing kinetic energy of a rolling rod, etc. 3. The ability to calculate the inductance of specific circuit elements, for example that of a long solenoid with N turns, radius a , and length L .
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