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E02-1 MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Department of Physics 8.02 Experiment 2 Solutions : Faraday Ice Pail EXPERIMENTAL SETUP 1. Download the LabView file from the web and save the file to your desktop (right click on the link and choose “Save Target As” to the desktop. Overwrite any file by this name that is already there). Start LabView by double clicking on this file. 2. Using the multi-pin cable, connect the Charge Sensor to Analog Channel A on the 750 Interface. The cable runs from the left end of the sensor (in Fig. 5) to Channel A. 3. Connect the lead assembly to the BNC port on the Charge Sensor (right end of the sensor in Fig. 5). Line up the connector on the end of the cable with the pin on the BNC port. Push the connector onto the port and twist it clockwise about one-quarter turn until it clicks into place. Set the Charge Sensor gain to 1 x . 4. Connect the charge sensor input lead (red alligator clip) to the pail (the inner wire mesh cylinder), and the ground lead (black alligator clip) to the shield (the outer wire mesh cylinder). MEASUREMENTS Important Notes: The charge producers are delicate. When rubbing them together do so briskly but gently. Each experiment should begin with completely discharged cylinders. To discharge them, ground the pail by touching both it and the shield at the same time with a conductor (e.g. the finger of one hand). You also will always want to zero the charge sensor before starting by pressing the “Zero” button. Finally, note that the amount of charge measured is small and hence there will be fluctuations in the signal as well as small features due to the person holding the charge producers. In answering questions focus on the BIG features (sign of potential, …) not
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