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Isabel Torres 1/19/11 Writing 2 ACE Cotich Combating Climate Changes Some of the world’s main issues to this day involve things such as cloning, drug alterations, virtual reality, and climate changes. Climate change usually refers to changes in modern climate; these changes are brought by Greenhouse Gases, Global Warming, and human interaction. The changes in weather patterns (over long periods of time) can cause malicious effects to our society because climate affects the environment and agriculture. This affects us globally because it affects our food production and the patterns of our surrounding environment. To prevent further harm to our environment we must stop further emissions of carbon gases that contribute to greenhouse gases and global warming. “Climate is commonly defined as the weather averaged over a long period of time.” (Climate, Wikipedia Online). Climate changes refer to the change in weather patterns over extended periods of time. These periods can range from decades to millions of years. These changes can also be visible in different regions of a country or across the entire planet. Depending on where the region lies there will be more rainfall, wind, or humidity among the region. Some different types of changes that can occur due to climate changes are temperature, atmosphere, sea level, and precipitation changes. Most of the climate change of this year occurred due to greenhouse gases effects on the environment and changes in the atmosphere due to carbon emissions produced by humans. The effects that these climate changes have held upon our earth range from environmental damage to agriculture destruction. The only way to fight climate changes, or of stopping their effects from damaging our earth even greater, are to lower our carbon gas emissions and to prevent damage to trees in the wilderness such as deforestation. Deforestation occurs when a mass number of trees are destroyed either by burning or
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cutting down of forests to allow space for human growth. Greenhouse effects are altered by this process
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Climate Changes - Isabel Torres Writing 2 ACE Cotich...

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