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Isabel Torres 2/12/11 Writing 2 ACE Cotich Justifiable Torture After the attacks of 911, the Bush administration began using torture as a means of interrogation towards members of the Al-Qaeda. Many people have stated that torture is inhumane, “Torture is repulsive. It is deliberate cruelty, a crude and ancient tool of political oppression.” (Bowden, Dark Art). There are two main types of torture, physical and mental. Physical torture is the infliction of agony using any type of device or weapon, while mental torture involves mental damage to a person by manipulating that person by using their phobias against them. Coercion is intimidation of a victim to compel the individual to do some act against his or her will by the use of psychological pressure, physical force, or threats. Although coercion is also similar to mental torture coercion is considered a more practical version of torture. To many people, a more favorable type of torture or type of interrogation is coercion; in my opinion coercion should be used instead of physical torture. I believe this because coercion allows people to receive information from others without inflicting any physical harm on them.
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Intentionally and unlawfully restraining another's freedom by threatening to commit a crime that psychologically hurts them is considered coercion. Most people believe that coercion is unlawful and mean but it’s fairly better than mental or physical torture upon a person. “To deny the use of preventive interrogational torture in such cases is also hypocritical: experience tells us that when faced with serious threats to the life of the nation, government -- any government -- will take whatever measures it deems necessary to abate the crisis. An uncompromising absolute prohibition on torture sets unrealistic standards that no one can hope to
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Torture - I sabel Torres Writing 2 ACE Cotich J ustifiable...

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