abnormal psych (8-24-09)

abnormal psych (8-24-09) - Abie Feuerstein 9-24-09 Abnormal...

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9-24-09 Abnormal psych 37-year-old female. Significant distress when taking subway to work. Feels like she will faint or pass out on subway. Sits next to subway door. SITUATIONAL PHOBIA w/ AGORAPHOBIA 29 years old. Female. Falling behind in work because she is exhausted that she can’t get work down at night. Can’t sleep at night, sleep aids don’t work. In midst of planning wedding. Going through work adjustments. Caregiver for younger sibling. Worried about friends and future things. GAD (fatigue. Doesn’t have panic symptoms because working out gives a positive effect and doesn’t make her have a panic attack) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Experience of anxiety symptoms subsequent to some sort of traumatic event. o Personally involved, or witness, or heard of traumatic event o Exposure doesn’t have to be person Clinical description o Traumatic exposure o Extreme fear, helplessness, or horrors o Continued re-experiencing Memories, nightmares (focusing on conscious and unconscious level), flashbacks o Avoidance Anything that reminds you o Emotional numbing Everything’s flat. o Interpersonal problems Withdrawing from people o Dysfunction Impairment in ability to function in social, occupational, functional o 1+ month post trauma Greater than 2 days, less than 1 month: acute stress disorder Subtypes o Acute o Chronic o Delayed onset (any symptoms doesn’t occur until after 3 months of event) o Acute stress disorder (greater than 2 days – less than one month) Statistics o 6.8% life (experience PTSD in their lifetime) o 3.5% year (3.5% of population experience PTSD each year) o Prevalence varies
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abnormal psych (8-24-09) - Abie Feuerstein 9-24-09 Abnormal...

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