abnormal psych (9-1-09)

abnormal psych (9-1-09) - Abie Feuerstein 8-27-09 Abnormal...

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Abie Feuerstein 8-27-09 Abnormal psych Biological and cognitive sciences Learned helplessness o When you have the perception that you have no internal control over external things o Perceptions of control o Implicated in depression o Negative attributions: global and stable ( everything is bad, and everything will always be bad) Learned optimism Social learning Modeling: we get to practice as well. The more similar we are to the model the more we think we can do it too (and learning occurs) o Goes into cognitive structure Observation: watching someone else doing it Prepared learning Instinct Evolutionary basis Increases survival (I better learn this quickly, so I will live) One-trial learning o Visual learning Innate sense of depth perception **Maladaptive behaviors may have some adaptive or positive function to the individual that causes the behavior to persist for the individual The role of emotion in psychopathology The nature of emotion o Happens in everyday events Fight or flight: o Deals with peripheral nervous system o Influx of adrenaline, better vision, stops digestion, raises heart-beat, short-lived state o Anxiety is an inappropriate response to fight or flight (done at wrong times) Fear o Cardiovascular o Cortical o Emotional response in terror, motivation for action Mood: o Doesn’t really change (climate) o Longer lasting, more persistent Affect: o Either consistent or inconsistent with mood o Changes on a day to day basis
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Emotion and physiology People who have a hostile and angry state are risk factors for heart disease
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abnormal psych (9-1-09) - Abie Feuerstein 8-27-09 Abnormal...

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