Abnormal psych (10-6-09)

Abnormal psych (10-6-09) - Abie Feuerstein Abnormal psych...

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Abie Feuerstein 10-6-09 Abnormal psych Somatoform disorders o Soma = body o Preoccupation with health or appearance (functioning or way body works) o Physical complaints (something is wrong with body) o No identifiable medical conditions o Types: Hypochodriasis Somatization disorder Conversion disorder Pain disorder Body dysmorphic disorder Hypochodriasis Clinical description o Anxiety or fear of having a disease o High comorbidity with anxiety/mood disorders o Focus on bodily symptoms Normal Mild (taking of mild symptoms and giving them a condition of greater severity Vague Ex: headache turns into a brain tumor o Little benefit from medical reassurance o Strong disease conviction Misperceptions of symptoms Checking behaviors High trait anxiety (they don’t recognize the anxiety)
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Hypochondriasis and Panic Disorder Similarities o Focus on bodily symoptoms Panic Disorder: o activation of peripheral Nervous System. o Immediate reaction of what is happening; fear Hypochondriasis: o Focus on long-term process of illness o More generalized to other parts of the body (not just PNS) o Constant concern o Constant medical treatment seeking o Wider range of symptoms Hypochondriasis Statistics 1% to 14% of medical patients o 6.7% median female: male…1:1 onset: any age o peaks: adolescence, middle age, elderly
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Abnormal psych (10-6-09) - Abie Feuerstein Abnormal psych...

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