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abnormal psych (10-22-09)

abnormal psych (10-22-09) - Abie Feuerstein Abnormal psych...

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Abie Feuerstein 10-22-09 Abnormal psych “Normal” Has to be a decision between both parties within the couple Girls have sex a lot: whore o Except if in a committed relationship Guys have sex a lot: cool Females desire less sexual partners than males: o More picky (most basic roots. Mates with certain characteristics for procreation) o Pregnancy o Women have a long term thought o Oxytocin (causes them to bond to the male they are with) Sex: for the continuation for our particularly species o Women have to account for that more than men do Men masturbate more than women More teenage females would prefer doing oral because they don’t consider it sex o Stay a virgin First date sexual practices could change with age Homosexual vs heterosexual practices o Guys think girl on girl is hot Society influences media and media can influence society (tells us that’s okay)
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