abnormal psych (10-27-09)

abnormal psych (10-27-09) - Abie Feuerstein 10-27-09...

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Abie Feuerstein 10-27-09 Abnormal psych Gender identity disorder Clinical overview o Feels trapped in the body of the wrong sex o Assumes identity of the desired sex Must distinguish from: o Transvestic fetishism (not aroused by wearing clothes of opposite sex) o Intersexed individuals (not born with both sex organs) o Homosexual arousal patterns Statistics: o Prevalence: rare o Female:male – 1:2.3 o Rates similar across cultures Status differences Causes o Biological Unclear, but likely genetic contributions 62-70% Hormones In vitro exposure Brain structure abnormalities o Gender identity: 18 to 36 months of age Parental reinforcement Treatment o Sex-reassignment surgery 1-2 years in opposite sex role Stability (financial) Hormone therapy (estrogen, testosterone, hair removal) Surgery 75% satisfied; 7% regret Better adjustment for female to male o Psychosocial treatment Increase adaptation Sexual Dysfunctions: overview Dysfunction in the sexual response cycle o Desire o Arousal o Orgasm Pain associated with sex Most prevalent class of disorders in U.S. o
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abnormal psych (10-27-09) - Abie Feuerstein 10-27-09...

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