abnormal psych (11-3-09)

abnormal psych (11-3-09) - outcome • Withdrawal :...

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Substance use : ingestion of psychoactive substances in moderate amounts that does not significantly interfere with social, educational, or occupational functioning Substance abuse : psychoactive substance use, leading to significant distress or impairment in social and occupational, and relationship roles, and in hazardous situations. Dependence: maladaptive pattern of substance use characterized by the need for increased amounts to achieve the desired effect, negative physical effects when the substance is withdrawn, unsuccessful efforts to control its use, and substantial effort expanded to seek it or recover from its effects. (addiction) Intoxication : physiological reactions, such as impaired judgment and motor ability, as well as mood changes, resulting from the ingestion of psychoactive substances Tolerance : the need of increasingly larger amounts of the same substance in order to get the same
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Unformatted text preview: outcome • Withdrawal : physiological withdrawal symptoms (negative) Substance categories: • Depressants: o Decrease central nervous system activity o Alcohol o Sedative: hypnotic o Anxiolytic drugs (prescribed for insomnia) o Barbiturates (sedatives) and benzodiazepines (reduce anxiety) • Stimulants: o Caffeine o Nicotine o Amphetamines o Cocaine • Opiates: o Natural chemicals in the opium poppy o Natural opiates o Synthetic variations (methadone, pethidine) o Comparable substances that occur naturally in the brain (enkephalins, beta-endorphins, dynorphins) o Morphine o Codeine o Heroin • Hallucinogens: o Marijuana o LSD o Psilocybin o Lysergic acid amide o Dimethyltryptamine o mescaline • Other drugs: o Inhalents o Steroids o Designer drugs...
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abnormal psych (11-3-09) - outcome • Withdrawal :...

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