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abnormal psych (12-1-09)

abnormal psych (12-1-09) - Abie Feuerstein Abnormal psych...

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Abie Feuerstein 12-1-09 Abnormal psych Cluster B: Narcissistic Personality Disorder Clinical description o Exaggerated and unreasonable sense of self-importance o Require attention o Lack sensitivity and compassion o Sensitive to criticism o Envious o Arrogant Causes o Deficits in early childhood rearing Altruism Self-sacrifice without expecting something in return Empathy o Sociological view Increased individual focus “Me generation” (western culture) Treatment focuses on: o Grandiosity (inflated sense of self-worth) o Lack of empathy o Hypersensitivity to evaluation o Co-occurring depression o Little empirical support Cluster C: Avoidant Personality Disorder Clinical Description o **Extreme sensitivity to opinions How to differentiate from schizoid o Avoid most relationships Over sensitive of the idea that people will say something negative about them Extreme version of social anxiety So fearful of rejection/worried about relationship o
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