social psych (2-17-09)

social psych (2-17-09) - Abie Feuerstein Feb. 17, 2009...

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Abie Feuerstein Feb. 17, 2009 Social psych Self-presentation Strategies for appearing likable (lots of people like us; we deserve to be liked) o Also knows as ingratiation Express liking for others Creating perceived similarity Appearing physically attractive Projecting modesty Downplay or ignore our faults E.g. lying (try to maintain a certain self-image; be desirable) **Want people to believe we are valuable social objects . Strategies for appearing competent (we know what we are talking about) o Conveying status and power Conspicuous consumption (buy things you cant afford) Highlighting personal associations with power and status E.g. name-dropping Self-handicapping Deliberately creating barriers to our own success (trying to get some of the excuses for failure in place before starting activity in case something goes badly) (occurs most often when: you are faced with a situation where you are afraid you might fail) E.g. going out the night before a big exam o Related to the self-serving bias. We can convince ourselves that it doesn’t say anything important about us Individual differences in self-presentation (some people are more concerned with themselves then others) o Public self-consciousness How much you think others notice you High – everyone is paying attention to you
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social psych (2-17-09) - Abie Feuerstein Feb. 17, 2009...

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