social psych (3-19-09)

social psych (3-19-09) - Abie Feuerstein March 19, 2009...

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Abie Feuerstein March 19, 2009 Social psych Cognitive Basis of Prejudice Prejudice can develop as a by-product of normal cognitive processes (anyone can develop prejudices…it’s inevitable) Social categorization (where social cognition starts) o Leads us to distinguish between “my group” and “other groups” Which leads to in-group bias Which leads to group-serving bias o We think differently about in-group members (benefit of the doubt) Beliefs develop to justify the attitude (beliefs that suggest that our prejudice is appropriate, and that our hatred is justified) o Negative stereotypes (if I hate them so much, they must be bad people) Out-groups assumed to have negative characteristics (ex: illegal’s are all lazy) o Symbolic threats Threats to beliefs and values (some group presents a threat to our basic social beliefs and values…how we run our country. i.c. Muslims…they are trying to destroy our society) o Attributions (explanations for behavior…why do people act that way) E.g. justifying unequal status (these people are living low lifestyles because they deserve it. People in poverty are there because they are lazy; unproductive) people are explaining others in bad situations as they deserve it. Fundamental attribution error Emotional basis of prejudice Scapegoat theory o Blaming out-groups for problems (lynching. ..rates grew higher when the price of cotton grew low because money wasn’t being dispersed a lot) o Prejudice is displaced aggression based on frustration Intergroup anxiety o Fear of interaction (you might be politically incorrect, or not know how to react with the other person might lead to prejudice) (when whites talk to Native
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social psych (3-19-09) - Abie Feuerstein March 19, 2009...

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