social psych (3-31-09)

social psych (3-31-09) - Abie Feuerstein March 31, 2009...

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Abie Feuerstein March 31, 2009 Social psych Factors That Affect Conformity Group size o As groups get bigger conformity increases o But only up to group size of 5 Further increases have no other effect on conformity (ex: people stopping and looking up 1: 40% 2: 58% 5: 80% of people stopped and looked up as they passed by) Cohesion and status of the group o When people feel attachment (cohesion groups) to the group conformity increases (if being in the group is important to you, then you are more likely to try to fit in) o High status groups get more conformity Making a public response (will people conform to the group when the group doesn’t know if they are conforming or not?) o Conformity is strongest when others are aware of your response (it’s based on the concern of how we appear to other people) Social support o Unanimous groups get the most conformity (it’s hard for one individual to go up against a group where everyone else is against you) Asch study o One confederate always gave the right answer (the subject would here 5 people give obviously the wrong answer, and one person give the right answer) o Conformity dropped to (on average) less than 10% (when there was one other person to give the right answer then it kind of freed the individual up to also give
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social psych (3-31-09) - Abie Feuerstein March 31, 2009...

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