Social Psych (4-9-09)

Social Psych (4-9-09) - Abie Feuerstein April 9, 2009...

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Abie Feuerstein April 9, 2009 Social psych Prosocial Behavior Any behavior that’s intended to benefit another o I.e. helping someone in need Why should we help? o Because it’s the right thing to do Altruistic helping o Because we’ll get something out of it Egoistic helping The Role of Social Norms Social responsibility norm o We should always help others in need Social justice norm o We should help people who deserve help Reciprocity norm o We should help others who help us Kitty Genovese case (1963) o Worked in a bar and lived in Queens N.Y. (suburban, middle-class). Lived in an apartment building and before she could get in one night a guy jumped out of the bushes and started attacking her. She was stabbed. Guy left when he heard someone saying stop. But came back when no one came to help. He came back. o Woman attacked for 35 minutes in front of her apartment building o No one came to help o 38 people witnessed the attack, while it was occurring; however, no one ever did anything…and didn’t even call the police until a lot later. Why didn’t anyone help? (the question they should’ve been focusing on) o We seem to look for reasons to relieve any normative obligation to help (search the environment looking for reasons why we really shouldn’t have to help) Why Don’t We Help Bystander effect (one of the strongest factors) o Also known as the audience inhibition effect o Individuals are less likely to help in an emergency as the number of bystanders increases
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Social Psych (4-9-09) - Abie Feuerstein April 9, 2009...

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