social psych (4-16-09)

social psych (4-16-09) - Abie Feuerstein April 16, 2009...

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Abie Feuerstein April 16, 2009 Social psych Social Relationships How and why we develop relationships with others o How we maintain those relationships over time o How and why those relationships change What determines satisfaction in relationships What causes relationships to end Theories of Social Relationships Reinforcement– affect model o Liking and disliking is a learning process o We like those we associate with good feelings and rewards E.g. food, sex (first date) o We dislike those we associate with bad feelings and punishments Social exchange theories o We enter into relationships to get rewards o But those rewards come at a cost The balance between costs and rewards determines relationship satisfaction o Our goal in all interactions is fairness Social Exchange Theories Rewards of relationships o Relationships are associated with increased mental and physical health (good social support networks cause less depression, longevity in life, less anxiety, and less sickness) o They provide: Emotional support (can express deeply held emotions that you wouldn’t want to share with just acquaintances) Informational support (great source of social information. Get to hear a lot of different points of view; can help you work through problems. They also provide us with a basis of social comparison. One of the best comparisons is to compare oneself to a close friend…someone who is similar to you) Material support (people can actually do things for you; help you out…moving
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social psych (4-16-09) - Abie Feuerstein April 16, 2009...

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