Social Psych (4-21-09)

Social Psych (4-21-09) - Abie Feuerstein April 21, 2009...

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Abie Feuerstein April 21, 2009 Social psych Aggression Any physical or verbal behavior that is intended to hurt another o It can be physical or non-physical E.g. actually hitting a person vs. yelling at them o It can be direct or indirect E.g. yelling at a person vs. spreading a rumor about them Types of Aggression Aggression can have different goals o Emotional (hostile) aggression Only goal is to express anger by hurting another person o Instrumental aggression Using aggression as a way of obtaining something (achieve some goal) (professional football…trying to win the game, and use aggression to do so) E.g. bullying, cartel violence (using aggression as a way to defend their territory) Assertiveness is not aggression o E.g. “aggressive” salespeople Not really aggression unless the goal is to hurt the other person o Using social influence to obtain goals (foot-in-the-door, reciprocity) o Or expressing social dominance Status and power Aggression Aggression is a problem most likely to occur in our relationships Homicides (1976-2005) (one of the most extreme types of aggression) o 32% committed by acquaintances o 19% by family or close friend (boyfriend, girlfriend) o Only 14% committed by strangers For females
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Social Psych (4-21-09) - Abie Feuerstein April 21, 2009...

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