Social Psych (4-23-09)

Social Psych (4-23-09) - Abie Feuerstein Social psych...

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Abie Feuerstein April 23, 2009 Social psych Models of Aggression Frustration-aggression theory (1930’s) o Aggression is always caused by frustration The blocking of goal-directed behavior (why we don’t like traffic jams) o Frustration always leads to aggression Frustration-Aggression Theory Based on the idea of catharsis o Frustration causes unpleasant tension to build up (will keep going over time…days and days) o Acting aggressively reduces this tension o But research does not support this Acting aggressively tends to increase further aggression Models of Aggression Berkowitz’s cognitive-neoassociation theory (tweaks the earlier theory to make it fit the research) o Any event that produces aversive arousal cam cause aggression (frustration, pain, heat, any other unpleasant experience has to lead to anger, which then leads to aggression) o But only if the aversive arousal first leads to anger When Anger Leads to Aggression Excitation transfer theory Any form of arousal can enhance affective response o E.g. angered subjects are more aggressive after riding an exercise bike (you have to
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Social Psych (4-23-09) - Abie Feuerstein Social psych...

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