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Senator Curmudgeon From: Abdul Rehman Khan Re: National Rifle Association Date: March 7 th , 2011 Policy Summary Statement The National Rifle Association, or NRA, is a lobbyist organization that outlines its initiatives as the true establishment and implementation of the 2 nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights in the Constitu- tion. Consequently, the NRA promotes firearm ownership for citizens of the United States in addition to hunting, self-defense, and marksmanship rights. Established by William Conant Church and George Wood Wingatein New York in 1871, the NRA was initially an organization aimed at providing Union soldiers with better experience in the accurate and precise dealings of a firearm. Former Senator and Civil War Union Army General Ambrose Burnside served as the first pres- ident of the NRA, Ulysses S. Grant as the eighth, and Philip H. Sheridan as the ninth. The organization sponsors events that promote firearm safety and marksmanship often in the form of shooting skills. The National Rifle Association is often considered the most influential and significant lobbying group not simply because of a massive support citizen population but because it's foundation is based on the premise of a civil liberty promised in the Constitution. Moreover, it is the oldest continuous existing civil rights organization and has a membership of over 4 million citizens. The source of this material was all obtained from the National Rifle Association's primary website, http://www.nra.org. Authority of Source The research compiled was conducted internally by the organization. The premise of the im- plication in the basic cause of the National Rifle Association lies in the founding documents of the United States. From this standpoint, it can be said that the the United States Government is a respons- ible for the compilation of the NRA material. From a more pragmatic and basic viewpoint, however, it is easily noted that the foundation of the work is established by the NRA. The mission statement of the NRA is very clear on its website.
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Policy Organization and Topic - To: From: Re: Date: Senator...

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