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Principles of Highway Location Phase I – Office study of existing information Engineering; including topography, geology, climate, and traffic volumes Social and demographic; including land use and zoning patterns Environmental; including types of wild life, location of recreational, historic, and archeological sites, and possible effects of air, noise, and water pollution Economic; including unit costs for construction and the trend of agricultural, commercial, and industrial activities Note: In this phase, select possible sites for further consideration. Phase II – Reconnaissance Survey Using aerial photographs select possible routes from an origin to a destination or any other control points. Factors to be considered would include the following: Terrain and soil conditions Serviceability of route to industrial and population areas Crossing of other transportation facilities, such as rivers, railroads, and other highways Directness of route
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Unformatted text preview: Note: In this phase, plot possible routes on the photographic base maps. Phase III – Preliminary location Survey • Set the positions of the feasible routes and determine preliminary vertical and horizontal alignments • Evaluate the alternative routes (plans) in terms of their benefit/cost ratios • Provide environmental impact statements for each of the proposed routes • Set public hearings • Select the best alternative (proposed location of the route and its vertical and horizontal alignments) Phase IV – Final location Survey • Prepare the detailed layout of the selected route including horizontal and vertical alignments, positions of structures (bridges), and drainage channels Note: In this phase, final plans including design specifications of vertical and horizontal alignments, and the amount of cuts or fills are determined. The plans and specifications are the instructions under which the highway is constructed....
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