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1 Roadway Characteristics Specific design elements: - number of lanes - lane width - median type - length of acceleration and deceleration lanes for on and off ramps - truck climbing lanes for roadways with steep grades - curve radii required to provide adequate stopping and passing sight distances - vertical alignments - horizontal alignments - at-grade intersections - grade-separated intersections (interchanges) - cross sectional elements - earthwork (cuts and fills) - etc. Factors Influencing Highway Design: - Functional classification of the highway being designed urban principal arterial systems rural principal arterial system urban minor arterial system rural minor arterial system urban collector street system rural collector system urban local street system rural major collector system rural minor collector system rural local road system
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Unformatted text preview: -Expected traffic volume and vehicle mix Average Daily Traffic (ADT) Design Hourly Volume (DHV) DHV = k%(ADT) -Design speed Minimum design speed = f(ADT, DHV, roadway classification, and terrain) -Design vehicle -Topography of the area in which the highway will be located -Earthwork and the amount of cuts and fills required 2 -Level of service to be provided -Available funds -Safety -Social and environmental factors -Connection to local city streets -Right-of-way acquisition -Coordination of the highway system and other transportation systems -Adequate provision for pedestrians Roadway Cross-Section Elements: Principal Elements: -Travel lanes -Shoulders -Medians Marginal Elements: -Roadside barriers -Curbs -Gutters -Guardrails --Sidewalks --Cross slopes --Side slopes --Right-of-way...
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Microsoft Word - Roadway Characteristics - -Expected...

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