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Location: The Dalí Museum Title: 'Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea which at Twenty Meters becomes a Portrait of Abraham Lincoln' (aka: DalíVision) Artist: Salvador Dalí Medium: Oil on Canvas (74 1/2 by 99 1/2 inches) Year: 1976 Analysis I was shocked by the overwhelming size of this masterpiece. It measures 75 by 100 inches. Upon the first observation of details, you will notice the backside of a woman, curiously standing in the nude, staring off into the distance overlooking the sea. The sea is made of Cool Colors that darken into clouds, as if there was bad weather in the distance. Above the darkened clouds (perspective is moving closer to the viewer) eventually blends into Warm Colors that may represent the sun coming out, possibly pushing the storm into the distance. Out of the skyline there appears to be an image of the crucification of Jesus Christ facing the woman but the face is unseen due to the head hanging down. The image of Christ appears to be in the clouds with the sun shining brightly just above view. As you take a step backwards, both mentally and physically, you see the woman looking out a window, that is in the Shape of a cross. The cross-shaped window is made of dark 3-dimensional cubes, that I thought might represent mosiac tiles around the window she was looking out of. The tiles only cover the frame of the window and outline the interior around the window. The rest of the interior wall, in Contrast, is made up of light colors (whites/tans) that look like ages wall paper with hardly any details. You will notice by the woman's feet there are two tiles that stick out from the rest. One is of a portrait of Abraham Lincoln and the other appears to be the same woman, scaled down, looking out into the distance. As the title suggest, when you walk away from this painting [20 meters] or squint at it, the entire painting transforms into one large portrait of Abraham Lincoln. I was already somewhat familiar with this work, but I was astonished by the crowds breath taking reaction when the docent told the crowd to squint at the painting to reveal the hidden image of Abraham Lincoln. I attended the museum
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cultural resp - Location The Dal Museum Title'Gala...

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