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Taxpayers Spend Billions on College Dropouts TIME: By AP / Eric Gorski Posted: Monday, Oct. 11, 2010,8599,2024720,00.html Document Word Count: 549 Summary: A recent study shows that there is an increase in the amount of students that are dropping out of college after their first year. It only makes sense that dropping out of college can result in a huge waste of money, by being in debt. It can also be a loss of time and an uncertain future to an individual. However, college drop out rates are also affecting tax payers, and not just a little, we are talking billions of dollars! Estimates are in that states appropriated $6.2 billion dollars for college and universities for college students that didn't return a second year, between 2003 to 2008. Furthermore, the state and federal governments spent almost $3 billion on grants for students who did not return their sophomore year, according to "Finishing the First Lap: The Cost of First-Year Student Attrition in America's Four-Year Colleges and Universities." President
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