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What Could Cause the Next Recession U.S. News By Rick Newman Posted: Monday, Oct. 15, 2010 recession Document Word Count: 547 Summary: This article indicates that the recession appears to be over, but we are only experiencing growth at minimal rate. Increased housing demand and increased consuming spending are usual indicators that a recession is over. However, that is not that case with this last recession so there may be several factors that could potential contribute to a double dip recession if we are not careful. The first issue to be handled carefully are changes in policy. If republicans take over one or both houses in the midterm elections it will likely end Obama's reformist agenda. The split government could decide upon policies that shock investors and create fear towards investor confidence. Another is confidence in the Fed. The Fed is the most powerful financial institution in the world, and a lot of confidence will be placed in their hands. They must be careful not to over
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