FINAL_INFORMATIVE - Ronnie Scrimo Wed 7PM; SPC1017...

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Ronnie Scrimo Wed 7PM; SPC1017 Entertainment Outline December 1st, 2010 "Sales" OUTLINE Exact purpose: Concluding my presentation, my audience will have an understanding of the sales process and how it directly communicates with success in other areas of life. INTRODUCTION ATTENTION GETTER: Have you ever been talked into buying something you weren’t satisfied with? Perhaps, a car that always broke down, or an electronic device that never worked correctly, or even something small, like a meal at a restaurant that you were not happy with. AUDIENCE MOTIVATION: The Fact is, everyone is constantly trying to sell us something and bad experiences could be avoidable if we pay closer attention to who we are buying from. Being a confident consumer means you should buy from people you are confident in. CREDIBILITY: I have been in the Sales industry for over a decade. I was anything but a natural in sales but the money was good enough so I quickly started getting really good at it. It was never my intention, but learning how to sell to people was a skill that started to overflow into other aspects in my life, resulting in better communications. PURPOSE: This evening, I am going to share with you all, the key elements in being successful in sales, which you can carry with you either to go into sales, be an informed consumer, or just
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FINAL_INFORMATIVE - Ronnie Scrimo Wed 7PM; SPC1017...

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